Nationalism and the Facist Ideal

These days, many people disregard nationalism, they say it’s a force of evil without really even knowing what it is, only that it is loosely connected to imperialism and other things that they dislike. This post will be about what Nationalism is, why it is good, and how it relates to facism.

Nationalism, is a sense of love for you country that is more then simple patriotism. It is a sense of purpose, and the will to work to further your nation and its people. It is the feeling that your country and culture are the best, and arent matched by any other. It is the will to lay down your life in defense of your nation, it’s leaders, and your people. It is the the desire to further your nation beyond greatness, to truely be the best, and knowing that you are. It is feeling, knowing, that your country has your back and you have its, and that you stand with your brothers working towards a better world. 

Some say that nationalism is simply a blind cult following of your country even if it isn’t good at all. That it leads to stagnation and a poor working class. This is not true. Nationalists wouldn’t sit and let their country rot, they would fight and work, they would make every move towards a better place for their people, their nation, their children and friends. This relates to facism in every way. Facists stand by their country through thick and thin, unlike these “dissenters” of our age.

So ask yourself, what is your country? In my case, what is America? Well, America is many things. America is not perfect, no, every country can improve. But it’s also my home, my place of birth. It is strong, it is powerful, and full of many wonderful people who love their nation and all of its beauty and glory, present and past. America, is your sister, your father, your friends, your neighbors, as we all call this country our home. We are all Americans, and as Americans it is our duty to help each other and our nation to greatness, just like in the past. In this sense, America is full of heros, and true nationalists are indeed heros.

With this said, nationalism is a force for good for the nation and its people, and those who are disgusted with nationalism and America don’t want change. They want to tear the country apart and hurt it’s good people. As nationalists it’s our duty to stand up for what’s right: our people.

Be a hero my friends, be a nationalist.-C


ANTIFA members targeting pets!

More hypocrisy from the “Tolerant” left. This time, they are trying to kill our dogs! An ANTIFA Twitter account named “ANTIFAFORISLAM” posted a guide on how to make pet treats with nails in them that would harm your pet. The image below is a picture of the original tweet. Since you can’t tell if someone is a right-winger just by looking at them, this is an attack against everyone! This should NOT be tolerated, especially by our police force. Don’t let suspicious looking strangers interact with your pet, especially if you live in the specified areas of the tweet, as unfortunately we live in an age of aggression. –C