The Misconceptions of Facism

Very many people, in our modern world, use facist as an insult. They throw it at anyone that disagrees with them, which is usually very many. What they don’t understand is that their understanding of the ideology is extremely limited at best. They say that facism is a capitalistic idea, that facism is inherently racist and bigoted. They also relate it to Hitler, saying that the famed Nazi responsible for the second world war was a facist. Some people even think that facism is a leftist ideology in the economic sense. All of these couldn’t be farther from the truth. Facism rejects materialism in every way; individual comforts come second to the needs of the people. Facism also isn’t racist in the slightest. To reject an entire population, to alienate them, goes against everything facism stands for in the sense of unification through order and makes the country weak. Facism does not see race, it seems virtue and culture. Nazism, while drawing from the original facist ideals of Benito Mussolini, was extreme (Benito himself had no problem with groups such as Blacks and the Jews, not until his union with Nazi Germany changed the course of the Facist Italian nation). Nazism was a left wing belief, as it was the German national-socialist party. Facism, is a third solution. It is different from communism in that it rejects cultural marxism. Facism is, however, authoritarian, that they have no gotten wrong. What they have gotten wrong is that authoritarianism is inherently bad. Facism is reactionary, when the working class has been failed by their leaders and by the world. This can noted in post-WWII Italy, in which many of the Italians felt cheated by democracy and failed by their leader. This is but a breif summarization of how Facism has been misrepresented by those who wish to destroy our country (the US. However, we support all facist movements, at home and abroad!). Don’t take my word alone for it, however. Marshal Ironsides describes it perfectly with his video titled “Facism: What it is and is not” which I will link here-


-Photo credited to, please give their site a visit!


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